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Useful Links
The Griffith Electric Energy Department

The Griffith Energy Team provides experienced professionals to explore all solutions available within your current lighting system to reduce your energy use, while maintaining or in most cases increasing your light output.
Sylvania Cost Saving Worksheet
Sylvania energy cost saving worksheet. Learn how to calculate the energy you could save thru this simple spreadsheet calculator. This spreadsheet will show you how to reduce your energy costs by 20 to 40 percent in a matter of minutes.

Energy Star
Energy Star is a site, which lists all of the Energy Star products available. It is easy to use and simple to access.

NJ Energy Rebate
The New Jersey Energy Rebate site will show you how you can earn a rebate up to $105.00 per fixture, while reducing your energy consumption by 60%. This site will explain just how easy it is to receive these rebates and lower your energy costs.

Electrical Construction Magazine
The Electrical Construction Magazine web site offers important information to help your company.  Here you can learn about the latest changes to the National Electric Code and about all the newest products available today.  Stay current with code changes, which will help you sail thru the inspection process and read about product improvements which can save you and your customers time and money.

What are Energy Standards
Just what are the standards? This site covers the many standards that are necessary today and one that you may find invaluable to your company.

Building and Residential efficiency standards and information.

Go Green Initiative for schools
Information on national standards and tools to take your school to the national standards on sustainability.

Building Owners and Managers Association
Click here for the most up to date Webinars available to train and educate and inform.

Crescent / Stonco
Commercial building solutions, Products and EPACT tax deduction. Make sure you see the SMART BAY while your navigating!

Lithonia Lighting
Many links to calculate efficiency. Lithonia Lighting is a formatable leader in the industry.
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